Fred Sandback



1943, Bronxville NY, USA // 2003, New York, NY, USA

Fred Sandback was an artist who, in the 1960's became known for his sculptures or installations in which he would put tightly pulled strings in a gallery space, seemingly deliniating pictoral and three-dimensional volumes. Though the works do not have actual volume, due to the straight and hard lines and right angles, he quickly became associated with Minimalist sculptors such as Dan Flavin and Donald Judd. One will find his work in most of the major US and Western museums. Sandback's estate is represented by Lisson gallery and David Zwirner.

Sandback made a number of prints during his carreer. At first glance they seem blueprints to aid in his sculptural practice. Though a more thorough examination shows that these works tend to look at perspective, mass and geometry within a 3 dimensional plan. Of the prints he once was quoted saying "Prints are substance, tactility, color, mass".

Available Artwork


Untitled (Jahn #1), 1970
screenprint, framed
49.7 x 64.9 cm
edition of 100
// € 1.650


A video of a Fred Sandback installation at David Zwirner, London