Janine van Oene


During a residency at AGA Lab, Dutch artist Janine van Oene created two wonderful prints. 'Lemons', an aquatint etching combined with a screenprint and 'Melons', a multiple-layered screen print.

When examining the paintings of Janine, it shows that printmaking comes natural to her. Her works are built from familiar shapes; doodles, sunglasses, shells, plates, knives, plants. These shapes are distorted by applying multiple layers of painterly interventions. In a press release for a recent exhibition, Gerhard Hofland gallery wrote about her paintings: The paintings of Janine van Oene move between abstraction and figuration. Seemingly recognisable shapes prove to be fragmented, more complex, or more vague at closer inspection. Strange forms suddenly turn into irreversibly recognisable images. Van Oene plays with our perception in a way that distorts our sense of what is real and what is artificial... The methods used in in creating this distortion  become visible when looking at the prints. For example; what started as a watermelon, gets distorted by adding a layer of brushstrokes. The shape of the watermelon is brought back through its black outlines....or are these outlines sunglasses...

...No wait, first a layer of brushstrokes, then the watermelon...

No wait, first the colors of the watermelon which..


Lemons, 2019
aquatint and screenprint on paper
64 x 48 cm
Edition: 10

// € 450


Melons, 2019
screenprint on paper
70 x 50 cm
Edition: 30

// € 200