Nazif Lopulissa


1991, Tilburg, the Netherlands // Lives and works in Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Nazif Lopulissa's paintings are best described as playful renderings of material, surface and shapes. With MISCHKIN he published a screenprint which he printed in Berlin, working with the shape of a Berliner Pretzl. Each of the 30 screenprint has an added layer of acrylic; a blue doodle, a yellow dotted outline and a red dot, each placed and painted in a slightly different place.

In 2018, Nazif had a solo exhibition at KunstHAL in Rotterdam, if you would like to know more about his work, please visit the following link.

Nazif Lopulissa at KunstHAL

Available Artwork

Every Pretzl is a Pretzl, 2018
screenprint and acrylic on cotton paper
76 x 56 cm
Edition: 30
// € 300