ACEC, a cultural center in Apeldoorn, asked MISCHKIN to curate an exhibition with prints from our collection. The show includes work by Hans Hovy, Janine van Oene, Carel Visser, Emo Verkerk, Morgan Betz, Nazif Lopulissa and many more.

Press release (Dutch):

MISCHKIN is een uitgever van- en handelaar in werk in oplage van bekende en opkomende kunstenaars. Kunstwerken die in oplage zijn gemaakt zijn kunstwerken die niet als één uniek werk gecreëerd zijn, zoals een schilderij of een geboetseerd beeld, maar in een gelimiteerde oplage gedrukt of gemaakt zijn, bijvoorbeeld een lithografie, een zeefdruk of een gegoten sculptuur.

Als uitgever vraagt MISCHKIN elke drie maanden een opkomende kunstenaar om samen met eenambachtsman een nieuw werk te maken dat in gelimiteerde oplage gemaakt wordt. Zo kan MISCHKIN aan verzamelaars een werk van een bekende kunstenaar aanbieden dat betaalbaarder is dan bijvoorbeeld een schilderij uit een galerie, maar wel iets dat écht door de kunstenaar gemaakt is, anders dan een museumposter.

MISCHKIN heeft veel contact met andere uitgevers wereldwijd waar al veel bekende kunstenaars werk in oplage hebben gecreëerd. Ook deze biedt MISCHKIN aan. Zo hebben ze werk in oplage van bekende kunstenaars als Günther Förg, Carel Visser, Louise Bourgeois en Anish Kapoor.




Nazif Lopulissa's paintings are best described as playful renderings of material, surface and shapes. With MISCHKIN he published a screenprint which he printed in Berlin, working with the shape of a Berliner Pretzl. Each of the 30 screenprint has an added layer of acrylic; a blue doodle, a yellow dotted outline and a red dot, each placed and painted in a slightly different place, giving every edition a unique touch.
In 2018, Nazif had a solo exhibition at KunstHAL in Rotterdam, if you would like to know more about his work, please visit the following link.

Nazif Lopulissa at KunstHAL

Available Artwork

Every Pretzl is a Pretzl, 2018
screenprint and acrylic on cotton paper
76 x 56 cm
Edition: 30

// € 300



During a residency at AGA Lab, Dutch artist Janine van Oene created two wonderful prints. 'Lemons', an aquatint etching combined with a screenprint and 'Melons', a multiple-layered screen print.

When examining the paintings of Janine, it shows that printmaking comes natural to her. Her works are built from familiar shapes; doodles, sunglasses, shells, plates, knives, plants. These shapes are distorted by applying multiple layers of painterly interventions. In a press release for a recent exhibition, Gerhard Hofland gallery wrote about her paintings: The paintings of Janine van Oene move between abstraction and figuration. Seemingly recognisable shapes prove to be fragmented, more complex, or more vague at closer inspection. Strange forms suddenly turn into irreversibly recognisable images. Van Oene plays with our perception in a way that distorts our sense of what is real and what is artificial... The methods used in in creating this distortion become visible when looking at the prints. For example; what started as a watermelon, gets distorted by adding a layer of brushstrokes. The shape of the watermelon is brought back through its black outlines....or are these outlines sunglasses...

...No wait, first a layer of brushstrokes, then the watermelon...

No wait, first the colors of the watermelon which..

Available Artwork

Melons, 2019
screenprint on paper
70 x 50 cm
Edition: 30

// € 200



Carel Visser is seen as one of the most important constructivist sculptors of the Netherlands. His later work is characterized by the assembly of a variety of materials, such as tires, oil drums, car windows, leather, sheepskin, eggs and so on. He made organized connections, a kind of assemblages, with this so-called great and sometimes small objets trouvés (found objects). Some of his work has been compared to a musical composition in which repetition and variation play an important role.

Carel Visser is represented in the collections of major museums such as MoMA, Tate and the Stedelijk Museum. The Kröller Müller Museum owns a broad collection of his oeuvre, find out more via the following link.

Kröller Müller Museum - Carel Visser

Available Artwork

Houtsnede II, 1966
woodcut on paper
62 x 88 cm
Edition: 190
Framed (Profilex, Amsterdam)
// € 900



Among the most important artists working in the Netherlands in recent years, Verkerk began producing his weird and wonderful two- and three-dimensional works in 1978. Early in his career, he painted portraits in which form and colour took on a life of their own. Following his major 1988 retrospective at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, his work developed in leaps and bounds. Abandoning all normal concepts of portraiture, he adopted a highly individual approach that has resulted in a stream of disarming and joyous paintings and sculptures.

Available Artwork

Vincent, 2015
Etching on paper
Sheet size: 60 x 45 cm
Image size: 17,5 x 20 cm
Edition of 12 plus 3
// € 450